Every once in awhile

Every once in awhile I think about the fact that the sun heats the earth in such a way that you can stand in a place pretty much naked and a few months later the same place is cold enough to kill you, and it makes me think that having a sun is no joke but actually really important.

And then I think about the fact that the Earth is a spinning sphere orbiting the Sun, and the Sun is a gargantuan furnace of thermonuclear explosion, which dwarfs the Earth at about the ratio that an orange dwarfs a poppy seed, and yet the Earth orbits the Sun at such a proximity and with such a spin that the furnace doesn’t bake all the water off or allow the Earth to freeze all the way through, and I think that, while there are orders of magnitude more to hot and cold in the Universe than one ever experiences here, we won’t experience those orders of magnitude more of heat and cold here. And then the situation on Earth starts to seem pretty precarious to me.

But it isn’t precarious. At all. Rather, it’s so incredibly stable that we’ve some reason to expect it to remain stable and predictable (barring an unforeseen collision) for billions of years.

Once I consider all of that, I almost invariably interpret that that whole situation seems a) really majestic and b) deliberate, and for a little while I feel uncannily cradled in an incredibly fierce place.


4 thoughts on “Every once in awhile

  1. That was beautiful. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. I read it and I felt cradled as well. Thanks for writing that.

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